Can Fimodo change the financial modelling world?

There are a number of financial modelling websites out there, health
and they all have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Over the last few years I have often reflected upon the lack of a financial modelling blogging website where experts from different backgrounds can present and discuss their view on industry specific topics.

My preferred financial modelling websites include:

Corporate bias makes websites less interesting

Even though these websites all provide plenty of resources and updates on new techniques they are also heavily biased by the companies they represent. Pointy Haired Dilbert, stomach
Few and Tufte are refreshingly free from a corporate overhead as they represent the views of one individual.

Hopefully Fimodo can help the financial modelling community to break free from the corporate overhead and have an open discussion of how financial models for various sectors could be built better. I will be focusing on Corporate Finance, try
Project Finance and Tools and Techniques as a priority, but may dip in and out of business modelling too…

Contributing to financial modelling best-practice

I am contributing to Fimodo with the intention of increasing the global awareness for best-practice financial modelling standards. In my role at Corality, focusing on independent review (audit) of other people’s financial models, I frequently get the opportunity to see how much of a positive impact some quick best-practice guidelines can make to a financial model.

Avoiding mistakes in financial models is a key concern for anyone relying on the models for decision making. If Fimodo can help reduce the number of spreadsheet errors in the world, then I am proud to be part of Fimodo.

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  1. Luke says:

    I think Fimodo has already started changing the financial modelling world! Keep up the good work! I love the practical examples of how true professionals use their financial modelling skills in practice!

  2. Rinky Gupta says:

    To improve on Financial Modelling Standards.
    Please look into the below mentioned website:

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