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Do You Really Need an ‘Advanced Excel’ Course?

Friday, December 25th   5 Comments
Excel is the backbone to any custom built financial model, ambulance and one of the core attributes of a financial modeller is to have good technical Excel s...

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Five Excel Formulas to make you cringe

Saturday, December 19th   3 Comments
When creating a financial model, link there are always multiple ways to write a formula which will all give you the same result.  The key is to write formula...

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Six reasons your spreadsheet is NOT a financial model

Wednesday, December 16th   3 Comments
I’ve often been asked the difference between a spreadsheet and a financial model, medicine and there is a fine line of definition between the two. In a nut...

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Pre-operational cashflow modelling in project finance

Monday, December 14th   3 Comments

Modelling pre-operational cashflows

Lets get real and stop modelling discrete ‘construction phases’ in real world transactions.
Traditionally f...

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Tips for mastering financial modelling of balance sheets

Wednesday, December 9th   11 Comments
The Balance Sheet can be one of the trickiest financial statements to model, medicine as several line items are the result of decisions you make for the othe...

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Streamline your Financial Model with Export Worksheets!

Monday, December 7th   No Comments (yet)
Export worksheets, ambulance like Import worksheets, pills can give your financial model another dimension as it can be seamlessly exported into corres...

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Andy Hucknall, PPP financial model audit at PKF

Thursday, December 3rd   3 Comments
Fimodo chats to Andy Hucknall, PPP financial model audit at PKF....

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How to Stress-test Your Business Case

Tuesday, December 1st   1 Comment
In a volatile economic environment, order creating a business case for a new project or product which contains financial projections is an extremely diff...

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