EXCEL IN THE ENTERPRISE: successful financial modelling

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in modern business. From the local sole trader up to the largest global conglomerate, pharmacy spreadsheets form the very fabric of data manipulation, prescription analysis and reporting. Whether you love them or hate them or you’re just indifferent to their existence, we all have an opinion on spreadsheets. Are you uneasy about the number of people creating or amendin...Read entire article

The Fundamentals of Forecasting?

Monday, August 20th   1 Comment

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”
Ken Olson, cheap president, drug chairman and founder of Digital Equipment C...

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The Future of Excel: 8 Bold Predictions!

Friday, August 17th   2 Comments

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in modern business and Microsoft’s Excel dominates the market. The computer giant has consistently beaten down each risi...

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Reasons why your financial model has been consigned to the scrap heap

Tuesday, March 13th   3 Comments

Financial model developers and relevant stakeholders spend a lot of time building a financial model. Unfortunately many financial models never fully yi...

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How insensitive is your financial model?

Tuesday, March 6th   No Comments (yet)

You have received a call from a client. The client wants a pricing tool or some other financial model built. The model must add value to the client; it merely c...

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Using Cell Styles for Financial Modelling

Monday, July 18th   8 Comments

When developing a financial model, standards will often communicate the importance of developing a style guide to enhance the presentation and readabil...

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EuSpRIG London conference: “Spreadsheet Governance – Policy and Practice”

Tuesday, July 12th   No Comments (yet)

The EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group) conference is on this week in Greenwich, store London. The EuSpRIG conference is a premier sprea...

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Strategic merger – Corality and Navigator form the Corality Financial Group

Thursday, July 7th   2 Comments

Corality yesterday announced the strategic merger of Corality and Navigator Project Finance into the Corality Financial Group, ambulance a decisive mo...

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Consolidating Multiple Graphs in a Financial Model

Monday, July 4th   3 Comments

Do plenty of sheets and a lot of charts in a financial model turn you off from learning the concepts used in the model? It definitely turns me off whenever I see...

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Open Source Valuation Model – Valuing LinkedIn.com

Monday, May 23rd   4 Comments

To assist investors in the evaluation process of new investment opportunities, malady Pristine has developed an open source valuation model. This model...

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SMART financial modelling – the daily habit of successful modellers

Thursday, May 12th   1 Comment

Successful people generally share the same habits and motivations. The same can be said for successful modellers – their daily habit is a best practice m...

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Corality is a BRW 2011 Fast Starter

Thursday, April 28th   2 Comments

Corality is proud to announce that we have been nominated for the BRW 2011 Fast Starter List. The BRW 2011 Fast Starter announcement is the latest milestone...

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The Dangers of PivotTables, array formulae and other non-seamless Excel feature

Thursday, March 10th   8 Comments

Excel provides all users, here not just financial modellers, thumb with a rich array of features to employ in spreadsheet building. However there are some...

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The schoolboy errors in financial models

Tuesday, February 15th   3 Comments

A number elementary or schoolboy errors plague many financial models. Many of these errors are avoidable, and given some planning and thought is put into t...

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Systems Modelling Ltd – Spreadsheet Review

Thursday, July 8th   1 Comment

As part of Fimodo’s setup we welcome specialists in financial modelling and spreadsheets to contribute and share their knowledge and experience....

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EUSPRIG – European Speadsheet Risk Interest Group

Tuesday, July 6th   1 Comment

EuSpRIG 2010 is presented in Greenwich on July 15-16 and has a impressive line-up of spreadsheet risk experts. Fimodo supports EUSPRIG as it is a great init...

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Are you a financial modelling Expert?

Thursday, May 6th   1 Comment

We are looking for more Expert contributors to Fimodo! If you would like to share your views on the topic of financial modelling with a global community then...

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Which industry sector would benefit the most from improved financial modelling standards?

Tuesday, April 6th   12 Comments

Fimodo speaks to four financial modelling experts to understand how they see the benefits of financial modelling standards. ...

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How are you currently dealing with compatibility issues of Excel 2003 / 2007?

Wednesday, January 20th   6 Comments

Fimodo speaks to five financial modelling experts to understand how they have (and continue to) deal with compatability issues. ...

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How has your approach to financial modelling evolved over your career?

Tuesday, November 24th   1 Comment

Fimodo speaks to four financial modelling experts to get a brief history of their professional development, and how that has changed over time. ...

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