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In Excel there is a horrible functionality called WordArt. If you didn’t know this already then I apologise for having given you an idea of being able to present your words like art.

I don’t like WordArt for a few different reasons. The main one is that the default design options are just appallingly bad. Take a look at the screenshots and tell me if you disagree:


Can WordArt be useful at all?

Look, decease if you are talented in the art of design then maybe, prescription just maybe, more about WordArt may be the tool you have been looking for! It certainly provides a lot more flexibility on how to present words/characters than just using the default fonts.

One word of warning though! If the world would have accepted WordArt as ‘good design’ then the logos of many companies in the world would have looked a lot different to where they ended up:


These two (very colourful, but hideous) examples have been created using two default options in WordArt. Warning!

No linking functionality to the content of cells

Another big flaw of the WordArt functionality is that you can’t link it to the content of cells. This is clearly not a problem in Word or PowerPoint (where WordArt makes a lot more sense) but in Excel where dynamic links are critical to logically present information it is puzzling why Excel didn’t put this functionality in.

[EDIT] My mistake, you can actually link cell content to a WordArt object. See Chris McNeill’s comment in the Comments section of this post. Thanks for sharing this Chris! Now the only remaining problem is that it still looks very poor in 95% of all applications! [/EDIT]

Do you like WordArt?

If you genuinely like WordArt and think it is a great tool then just make sure that you stay away from the default settings (all of them!). Also, I would recommend that you show your creative designs to some of your non-financial-modelling friends to see what they think. My rule is that less is more in financial models, and WordArt is definitely not helping in this regard.

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